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Alarm Systems

For over 30 years, thousands of area families have entrusted AFP with their home protection needs. AFP is driven to provide clients with easy to use security and fire safety solutions that offer peace of mind and unsurpassed value. As a home or business owner, safety and security is paramount, whether it be for your family or your property. A home protection system should be customized to meet your family's lifestyle. Therefore, each AFP system is designed to meet the specific budget and needs of the family that will depend upon it. AFP can provide solutions for all your alarm needs. From the simplest home system with a door contact and a motion detector to complex business systems with burglary and fire protection. Our monitored accounts include many local residences in addition to all types of commercial applications such as banks, offices, retail shops and other public places.

Placed in the main body or walkway of the home, it detects movement in secured areas when your home security system is armed. With all you value at risk, select a company you know you can trust. Relax with your security being handled by AFP.

Door & Window Sensor

Wireless door and window sensors cover the most vulnerable perimeter openings. When an intruder opens any of those doors or windows, your siren will activate and the alarm system monitoring station will be notified immediately.

Fire systems can include many types of devices including smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual pull stations. Specially designed smoke detectors can be installed in ductwork or work with the elevator recall system. Fire pull stations can be installed for manually tripping the alarm as well as horns and strobes to warn the building occupants when the system is activated. Even in residential applications smoke alarms can be added to most alarm panels and programmed to provide fire protection. Imagine your ideal environment, including peace of mind, comfort and convenience. We can help make it a reality.The control panel contains the "brains" of your alarm system, a back-up battery in case of power failure, an interior siren, and the keypad - all built into one central unit.

Burglary Alarm

Fire Alarm


Fire Alarm


You can be equipped with the latest technology in burglary protection. Some of the industry standard devices include devices to monitor doors, detect motion, and sense glass breakage. Allso available are panic buttons for holdup alarms, as well as other "high-tech" devices. Our professionals will recommend the appropriate type of protection for each application.

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