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The Benefits of Cellular Backup 


Years ago, these sophisticated backup systems were only used by banks, jewelry stores, prisons, etc..., but now you can have this state of the art technology for your home or business. Advanced Federated Protection can protect you in the event that your phone signal to the monitoring station is interrupted for any reason, using our state of the art cellular phone backup.


It is a wireless communicator that enables a distress signal to be sent to the monitoring station in the event of a malfunction in your normal phone line or weather related failure in the phone lines and even eliminates the advantage to a criminal in cutting the phone lines.


In the event of a phone line failure for any reason, the monitoring station instantly receives a distress signal and notifies the proper authorities and the customer. These systems can protect you wether it is a burglar alarm, fire alarm or even a medical emergency. Over our 30 years in business we have seen several incidents involving phone line failure. Thanks to cellular phone backup systems, our customers can rest assured that their security and health needs are covered 24/7.


Contact us for details on this extra measure of protection.

Cellular Backup 


We are pleased to offer a backup system to supplement your alarm communication needs. Your alarm normally communicates using your standard telephone lines, However, statistics have proven that when the phone lines are cut that the incidence of loss and violence increases dramatically. Rather that placing a standard cellular call our systems communicate using the secure digital portion of the cellular network.

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