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We provide the industry's finest walk through and hand held metal detectors. Advanced Federated Protection is now one of the only authorized CEIA metal detector dealers in Northeast Ohio, providing facilities with the industries best metal detectors for detecting contraband & concealed weapons, discriminating against personal items, eliminating false alarms and increasing screener's confidence with function ability.


We have been selling walk through metal detectors and hand held metal detectors for over 20 years. Responding to the need for access controls for all those entering private institutions, or public buildings i.e. government buildings, museums etc... CEIA offers a range of very high performance walk-through and hand-held Metal Detectors.


Our units scan throughout the entire archway from top to bottom and have lights to indicate the area where metal items are detected.


Our units are able to reliably distinguish between personal items and weapons or contraband. One of the unique features of our system is that they are able to detect even small masses of metal; eliminating criminal's ability to transport a weapon for example by breaking it down into several pieces, carried by several people and than reassembled. Our units also have the ability to process 400 visitors per hour, and if a person has to go back through, it will only count as 1 pass not 2 giving an accurate tally of visitors.


Our metal detectors used for building access controls have high security standards and allow easy access at both medium and high transit flow rates. Newer buildings with sophisticated architecture require metal detectors with a modern design our metal detectors blend well into the installation site.


On that fateful September 11th, beneath the debris of the twin towers, during the clean up were found several CEIA-USA metal detectors and they still worked! One is on display at the companies headquarters located in Twinsburg, Ohio to this day!

Metal Detection

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